sobota 25. mája 2013

Boîte à musique

Zdieľam útržky lyrics piesní na albume Love Lust Faith + Dreams, s ktorými sa stotožňujem, v ktorých vidím paralely so svojím súčasným bytím a ktorých paralely so svojím "úbohým životíkom" si len namýšľam.

All of the laws I've broken, 
loves that I've sacrificed.

Lost in the city of angels
Down in the comfort of strangers.
I found myself in the fire burnt hills...

One life, one love left
One life, one love left
One life, one love left

Hearts are made for breaking and for pain.

I punish you with pleasure
And pleasure you with pain.

I’m leaving, gone yesterday
Brutal, laughing, fighting, fucking
The price I had to pay.

Bright lights, big city
She dreams of love
Brights lights, big city
He lives to run.

I danced with a million devils
Died from a life of sin
Made love to a million angels
Murdered a million men.